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Grand Metropolitan PLC

The Issue:

The task was to convert the Grand Metropolitan estate from traditional tenancy agreements to fully repairing and insuring (FRI) high street styled leases, within a period of three years.

In doing this, the responsibility of repair and maintenance of the property was passed over to the leassee – in exchange for an assignable lease. This required a fundemental change in the business model, and to the type of managers needed to oversee the conversion programme.

The Solution:

A team of senior managers with strength and depth in commercial operations and property management were recruited. The group were taken through an intensive course involving sales techniques, negotiations, financial awareness for non financial managers, product benefit analysis and team dynamics.

The result was a focused, motivated team which converted the estate of 2,000 businesses to FRI leases within 2 years, offsetting a £10million annual repair budget and exceeding the rental plan by 21%.