To ensure that the customer facing teams and the operational structure is in place to deliver a "can do" attitude and to exceed customer expectations.

CASE STUDY > Whitbread PLC / Laurel Pub Company

The Issue:

Over 90% of customer sales transactions were undertaken by members of staff. Their attitude towards the standard of service determined the customer experience. The level of repeat business, particularly in drive to food destinations, was critical.

The business need was to create a point of difference between Whitbread and its competitors in this very profitable (but price and value sensitive) trading environment.

The Solution:

To formally integrate the sales, marketing and promotional campaigns with the house standards, customer care programmes.

This was acheived by the roll out of an area and outlet bespoke training programme for all staff and all new starters, it became the "way we do business" and created a "can do" attitude.

The impact of this approach increased the level of empowerment to staff members to make decisions. The mystery guest scores consistently improved – to achieve an average of 95.6%, and customer satisfaction scores improved by 9.9% to 92.5%